Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Our New Shop Is Now Open!

Well it's been a very busy month for us here at World Magic Shop.

We have just moved into a new, much larger, warehouse and we have opened a retail outlet
so you can come and visit us, have a coffee, and browse through our large range of tricks.

Details and directions can be found here: shop

We will post some pictures of the shop very soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Two GREAT new effects from Mark Oberon

We just just released two greta effects from the mind of Mark Oberon. BAng On and Odd Ball.

Mark Oberon is an award winning magician, winning first prize in many competitions throughout Europe.

Bang On sold out at Blackpool Magicians conference a couple of weeks ago. Watch the trailer and you will sew why.

"Bang On" by Mark Oberon

A spectator merely THINKS of any card from a regular 52 card deck. A totally free choice. You explain that the card that they are thinking of is in your wallet. It's named and sure enough. It is! It's that clean!

This is a routine that Marc uses in every one of his professional performances as well as featuring in his multi-award winning competition act. Purchase now to receive everything you need to do the very same effect.

"Odd Ball" by Mark Oberon

You show five small balls to your audience, one black and four white. They're dropped into an opaque bag which is then shaken by an audience member to ensure that the balls are well mixed.

One by one five audience members remove a ball concealed in their hand. Despite the thorough mixing and random distribution of the balls you can instantly tell who holds the black ball!

We have also started stocking all of Jay Sankeys tricks and DVDs. Click here to see a cpmplete list.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Start of a Blog

Welcome to the start of our Blog.

This will be the place to come and read what is happening in the world of World Magic Shop LTD. I must add, this year is a very exciting one. The first release so far this year is the new Wizard PK ring called the Generation 2 Wizard PK Ring. If you want to see what it looks like Visit the Wizard PK Ring website.

If you have come up with a trick that you believe will take the magic community by storm, we would like to hear from you. send us an email to invent@worldmagicshop.co.uk

Keep tuned in for more exciting news and offers, to all blog readers. Ok, their is no point in sayng that and not offering something. For the rest of the month of February, if you use the following discount code you will get 10% off all orders above £15.

Discount code is = blogfeb10